Whether you want to lose weight sustainably, own your fertility, or alleviate symptoms from conditions like PCOS and irregular periods…you’re probably here because you have some tricky health goals. I help you reach those goals by supporting a healthy metabolism and uncovering the root causes of your symptoms through simple, holistic strategies. 

No deprivation, calorie counting, or giving up wine required. We’re all about building a loving relationship with food around here. 

Unlike fad diets, I use individualized functional medicine & a whole food, culinary approach to help you build lifelong habits—that you actually enjoy

Balance hormones naturally and improve fertility


Optimize metabolism and improve insulin resistance


Achieve permanent weight loss without restriction


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Get confident in the kitchen and unlock the power of real foods that support your long-term health goals

  • Learn how to achieve healthy weight management without feeling deprived

  • Do everything in your power to support fertility naturally 

  • Alleviate hormonal symptoms

  • Banish bloat and improve digestion so you feel comfortable after meals 

  • Increase your energy levels and balance blood sugar

  • Learn to make easy meals you’re excited to eat

  • Unlock important tools to manage stress and improve sleep

  • Eliminate the diet mentality so you can heal your relationship with food

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The 4Ever Method is a customized 3-month program to get to the root cause of your health concerns and transform the way you create meals

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Society likes to put us nutritionists into neat little boxes. It says we should either be into counting calories and macros, or intuitive eating all the way. I don’t subscribe to this
all-or-nothing mentality. For most people, it simply doesn’t support a balanced lifestyle or get the results you want. 

Restriction is unsustainable and often leads to a negative relationship with food. On the other hand, intuitive eating can be a slippery slope for many people too. As humans, if we don’t have a little bit of structure, it’s tough to build a mindful approach to food that helps you feel your best.

I want you to take a balanced approach that gets you unstuck once and for all. By using whole  food cooking as medicine, customizing a plan that fits you, and integrating gimmick-free functional medicine strategies, it’s possible. I’ll help you get there. 

certified dietitian nutritionist

I'm Francesca Alfano 


“After struggling with negative associations with food, feeling guilty about eating some of the foods I knew were ‘bad’ for me, having fluctuations in weight, and embarking on a family-planning journey to boost fertility and pregnancy wellness, Francesca helped me reframe the “good/bad” mentality. She is extremely knowledgeable but makes the science behind it completely accessible for anyone to understand and learn. She approaches wellness from a 360-degree point of view which makes her work that much more effective.”

“Francesca helped me reframe the ‘good/bad’ mentality with how foods can actually empower me without the rigidity of restrictive diets.”


“I was 309 lbs when I started and it is a pleasure to see the numbers stop in the 200s. Francesca, my rescuer and angel, taught me how to eat, what to eat, and how what I ate affected my disease and weight.”

“I honestly believe that, next to my religion and my precious daughter, [working with Francesca] was one of the best things I have experienced.”


“Francesca’s program isn’t a fad dieting program. Instead, you should think of it more like a class, where you are learning how to nourish your body properly. Over time, the habits become part of your life. Francesca listens to your goals and aspirations, and her advice and feedback has always been informative, thoughtful, and non-judgmental. Since doing the program, I’ve lost weight and lowered my body fat percentage, and my energy levels are where I want them to be.”

“I’ve lost weight, lowered my body fat percentage, and my energy levels are where I want them to be.”

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Find out how you can get a custom nutrition plan that supports your health goals without giving up fun. 

Want to use food as medicine for long-term health (instead of short-term gains)?

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